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SoftBrakes’ new Reduced Reach Clutch lever for 2014 and new touring bikes with hydraulic clutch is certain to enhance the ride experience for many touring and sport riders alike. The unique lever.

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We have all been there: Stuck in traffic, pulling on the clutch lever a hundred times until your forearm is on fire, just waiting for the road to open up. It doesn’t matter-somewhere or somehow,

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Description Midwest Mountain Engineering CLever EZ Pull Clutch Levers for KTM, Husaberg, Husqvarna, beta. midwest mountain engineering’s CLever’s innovative EZ pull clutch levers are engineered to reduce both finger fatigue and arm pump thus increasing endurance during high-intensity conditions. The CLever easy pull clutch lever’s for KTM, Berg, & HQV dirt bikes compact length allows for.

This lever utilizes the stock pivot geometry so the action is the same as a stock brake lever. The difference is that the brake lever is the same "shorty" length as the CLever clutch levers and has the same ergonomic feel of the wide blade. These features allow you to use a one or two fingered grip on the lever with either a short or long reach.