honda 750 shadow

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While deciding on which two of the five RS750 concepts should come to life, Cobra Engineering has already developed a line of stylish accessories and performance exhausts for Honda’s Shadow RS750.

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All models years of Honda’s Shadow ACE 750 drew power from a 745cc displacement four-stroke V-twin engine. A V-twin engine sets its two cylinders in an angular opposition to each other; in the case of the ACE 750, that angle was 52-degrees. This engine had a bore of 3.1 inches and a stroke of 3.0 inches.

Honda is continuing to give out information on new 2010 models in dribs and drabs with news of a new Honda Shadow RS 750. Honda claim the Shadow has been developed to deliver all-round riding.

2009 Honda Shadow Spirit 750, 2009 Honda Shadow Spirit 750 The Shadow Spirit 750’s style is classic cruiser. But with a sportier attitude. Featuring a low 25.7-inch seat, beefy V-twin and long, lean lines stretching to its 21-inch front wheel for a vibe that is classic "dragbike".

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Honda has teamed up with REVER to help you get the most out of every ride. Whether you’re on the Gold Wing Tour model, one of our adventure bikes or any other Honda, you can heighten your own riding experience by recording and sharing your trip with REVER’s global community of riders. LEARN MORE

Antilock brakes would be, likewise, welcomed. Starting at $6,700, the Street 500 bikes undercut key rivals in the Bolt, V Star Custom ($6,990), and Honda Shadow ($8,240). Even the Street 750 at $7,500.

I was looking for a mid-sized bike, 750-800cc, with a V-twin and classic styling. My first choice was a Suzuki Volusia but I could not find any decent used ones. I had not c.onsidered a Honda Shadow.

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Smooth power delivery and crisp shifts from the Honda helped us forget about our aching backs. Surprisingly enough, the more modern Spirit 750 proved to be the lesser of the two machines in the.

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