How to Restore Motorcycle Bolts

Most motorcycle carbs are fairly simple. Don’t be intimidated. My son was a carb-whiz by age 10. It takes a bit of experience to tune them properly, but not too much just to get them "almost" right. 1. Gently remove the carb from the bike. Take care not to damage the rubber intake boot. 2. Remove the bowl. Clean as needed. 3. Remove the float. Clean as needed.

Presuming a successful connection, all upgrade functions will be available. There are three main function buttons along the top: Check for Updates, Select G4 Language and Restore my Last Version.

Paint the rivets or bolts if desired to help disguise them . Also install two on the right side and two on the left side of the top. To reinforce the sides, cut plastic strips about 4-5" wide x12" long and cement from the top of the sides. Secure with pop rivets or small acorn nuts and bolts.

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Let me explain: One fine September morning in 1975, my wife Barbara dropped me off, helmet in hand, at a motorcycle shop called Madison Suzuki. winter-and plenty of money and new parts-to restore.

For very tough grease stains, place the nuts and bolts in a shallow pan and spray with a commercial spray-on brake cleaner, found at your local hardware or automotive parts store. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and scrub the nuts and bolts with a brass brush. Submerge the cleaned parts in a pan of water to rinse, and then dry with clean towels.

I figured I could pull a Frankenstein on the tiniest motorcycle I’d ever owned. Freakishly none of this happened with the Honda. Almost every bolt turned free right away. That was not the case with.

Best solution for cleaning bolts/nuts. A smear of copper grease or vaseline on the threads during reassembly helps. Yes, vaseline. People get concerned that it will melt out of the threads, but in my experience it tends to stay locked in for a long time – the thread is done up tight, so there isn’t much space for melted grease to leak out.

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