magnetic sump plug

m10 hex bolt The main difference between each of the hex cap screw standards is the width across the flats dimensions for the M10, M12, and M14. Each metric standard is product specific. For example DIN 931 is for partially threaded coarse thread metric hex cap screws. DIN 960 is the specification for partially threaded fine thread metric hex cap screws.

 · One thing that I have heard about them is that they can clump it all up into one big bunch then once it gets too large for the magnet to hold it chucks a large clump of it off into the engine and through the oil pump :/

Megnetic Oil Drain Plug. (92). MAGNETIC OIL DRAIN PLUGS. Small price – big impact! Even though they are built using state-of-the-art materials, all engines.

For all VW's and AUDI's that use the 14mm drain plug (all models except some Audi and '98 & '99 Passat 1.8T that came with a 26mm plug) Quality Magnetic.

Magnetic Oil Pan Drain Plug, 1/2-20 Threads made by Speedway Motors, for as low as $3.99. Order ships free when this item is included and exceeds $99.

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Magnetic drain plugs dimple products is best known for our extremely powerful magnetic drain plugs. We manufacture dozens of different sizes in order to offer solutions for all makes and models of cars and motorcycles. Locate your Car or Motorcycle in the menu above, or browse our selection of magnetic drain plugs By Thread and size. Oil Filter.

A very very powerful magnetic sump plug available in M12 x 1.25. This will pick up any excess metal particles in the oil, preventing them from causing further.

Metallic drain plugs are of crucial significance for any automobile. They are very effective in doing away with all kinds of metallic particles from.

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I was reading about opinions on magnetic sump plugs on a forum here and concerns about the magnet some plugs have attached to them breaking off inside the sump, so I thought I’d share that you can magnetize your steel plug by rubbing it on a strong magnet. NB: Rub in one direction only and in a manner similar to say brushing a horse or a dog.

Our Magnetic Billet Sump Plug traps and removes those microscopic metal particles from your engine’s lubricating oil. The harder your engine works, the greater the risk of minute debris, the greater the benefit of using a magnetic sump plug.