stainless radiator

There isn’t so much to describe on a radiator besides the materials, and size: 40 mm thick, 140 mm wider and 400 mm long, the 360 model that is. The outer parts are made from stainless steel and it.

Stainless steel is proving a very popular material in the manufacture of radiators; steel radiators have many benefits for the home and consumers are discovering the wide appeal of fitting stainless steel radiators around their homes.

Stainless Steel Radiators. Over the last 10 years stainless steel radiators have become increasingly popular, generally down to guarantee period, heat output and the modern design styles. stainless steel radiators are available in both horizontal and vertical options so if you have a tight narrow space you may want to add a vertical radiator to look nice and sleek in its chosen space.

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Complete Radiators 100% tested up to three times during production. When producing a radiator OSC tests the transmission and engine oil coolers prior to installation into the tank. The radiator core is tested prior to assembly and then once the assembly is complete the unit is tested again.

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Stainless Steel Radiators Stainless Steel Modern Designer Radiators. The look and feel of stainless steel says one thing – quality and we supply the very best stainless steel radiators that look second to none. The designs transform your living space. The quality of the Stainless Steel by its.

Feature Radiators are now made of a host of materials including stainless steel, which can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes with a brushed or polished finish. See more ideas about Stainless steel radiators, Designer radiator and Contemporary radiators.

RADIATOR WORLD – TOWEL WARMERS AND DESIGNER RADIATORS DESIGNER RADIATORS. Our Designer Radiators are manufactured from stainless steel, aluminium or steel with a minimum warranty of 5 years. Stainless Steel Radiators have a minimum of 10 years manufacturers warranty.

View our Full Range of Stainless Steel Radiators available in Brushed and Polished. Stainless Steel is a very strong and durable material and carries a long guarantee.

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